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October 31st, 2007

10:13 am - Gayyyy

Job interview at tullys coffee in boeing on friday. 

Livejournal sucks.


Current Mood: crappycrappy

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September 4th, 2007

03:34 pm - It really makes me angry
So pretty much im really really angry. My bf just called me telling me his 40 year old brother was gonna come beat him up and I was like wtf hes fucking 40 years old and hes gonna kick your ass? Seriously what the fuck is wrong with him? Fucking 40 years old and trying to kick a 19 year olds ass?? I really cant get it out of my head. What the fuck. Does he have nothing better to do with his pathetic life? No fucking job. Goddamn people what the fuck is wrong with the world today?? When my brother was 19 my dad was like 42! He wasnt trying to kick anyones ass. I told Austin id kick his brothers ass but he said his brother would probably hit me haha. Yeah thats great if he wants to be fucking murdered by every guy who cares about me. I'd fucking shoot his face off. His brother has been to jail half his life anyways. Maybe he can afford to be put in for the rest of his life who knows. I just dont understand. 40 years old and wanting to kick his ass.. over a fucking car!! WHAT THE FUCK!! The story is this. My bf got a car and it was in his name. His brother was supposed to put it in his own name when he got it but he didnt and just sold it to his friend. The car got impounded and my bf had to pay out over $500 to get it out of the impound because it was still in his name!! So he got the car because he had to pay the bill and he told the guy that his brother sold it to that he could get it from him if he paid the impound bill and then his brother called Austin and was like oh so your trying to make a profit huh? Well im gonna come get that car and kick your ass. Seriously. What the fuck. Omg. I really cannot get over this shit. WHAT THE FUCK WITH WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!
Current Mood: angryangry

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January 29th, 2006

05:36 pm - yeah....
So you write...
x. prose
x. poetry
x. music
x. lyrics
x. articles
x. short-stories
x. novels
x. fairy-tales
x. memoirs
x. biographies
x. reviews
x. well
x. poorly
x. fiction
x. sci-fi
x. screenplays
x. scripts
x. fan-fiction
x. editorials
x. essays
x. for fun
x. for work
x. with a pen
x. with a pencil
x. on the computer

So you listen to...
y. A Bitter Farewell
y. Greenday
y. Elliot Smith
y. Abeyance
y. Modest Mouse
y. AC/DC
y. Aerosmith
y. Velvet Underground
y. Senses Fail
y. A Fire Inside
y. Strike Anywhere
y. Hall and Oats
y. The Cure
y. Alexisonfire
y. Zero 7
y. Alanis Morisette
y. All Out War
y. Coldplay
y. Kid Dynamite
y. Flock of Seagulls
y. The Postal Service
y. U2
y. Smashmouth
y. All Shall Perish
y. The Who
y. Eisley
y. Jay-Z
y. Thursday
y. Broadway
y. Stevie Ray Vaughan
y. Minor Threat
y. All That Remains
y. Elton John
y. Goo Goo Dolls
y. No Doubt
y. Chariot
y. Tom Petty
y. Cowboy Junkies
y. Blackstar
y. The Temptations
y. Ray Charles
y. Celine Dione
y. He is Legend
y. Fiona Apple
y. Led Zeppelin
y. The Rolling Stones
y. Alove For Enemies
y. Queen
y. Amora Savant
y. Beastie Boys
y. Peggy Lee
y. Etta James
y. Guns 'N' Roses
y. Rising Dissent
y. HIM
y. Duran Duran
y. Rod Stweart
y. Eric Clapton
y. Offspring
y. Nas
y. NOfx
y. Tsunami Bomb
y. Sugarcult
y. The Hives
y. Oasis
y. Soft Cell
y. The Turtles
y. The Tokens
y. Underoath
y. Garbage
y. Def Leppard
y. Grateful Dead
y. Marvin Gaye
y. The Clash
y. Anberlin
y. Notorious B.I.G.
y. Jefferson Airplane
y. Hilary Duff
y. Dropkick Murpheys
y. Pearl Jam
y. The Doors
y. Tears for Fears
y. Drop Dead Gorgeous
y. Good Charlotte
y. Frou Frou
y. Simon and Garfunkel
y. As I Lay Dying
y. Alice in Chains
y. Pixies
y. Van Halen
y. A Thorn For Every Heart
y. Atreyu
y. Jimmy Eat World
y. Saosin
y. Metallica
y. Nirvana
y. The Vapors
y. Vengaboys
y. Outkast
y. The Outfield
y. Aqua
y. The Dixie Chicks
y. Beethoven
y. 2 Pac
y. Blink 182
y. Pink Floyd
y. Awaiting Winter
y. Bach
y. Hawthorne Heights
y. Janis Joplin
y. Iron Maiden
y. Madonna
y. Smashing Pumpkins
y. Cream
y. The Beatles
y. Daft Punk
y. The Sex Pistols
y. Death Cab for Cutie
y. Emery
y. Ben Folds
y. Foo Fighters
y. Every Time I Die
y. Motley Crew
y. Matchbox 20
y. Bob Dylan

So you have a(n)...
z. big nose
z. lot of friends
z. lot of money
z. bad reputation
z. car
z. job
z. boyfriend
z. lot to say
z. life
z. few close friends
z. girlfriend
z. sense of security
z. good relationshop with your parents

z. goldfish
z. guitar
z. diamond ring
z. price on your head
z. smile on your face
z. bad memory
z. awful time picking out clothes in the morning
z. lot of time on your hands
z. fit when you don't get things your way
z. song on repeat
z. DVD player
z. sister
z. step-mother
z. bad relationship with your sibling(s)
z. good artistic ability
z. lot to do
z. kink for lip-rings
z. tattoo
z. scar or scars
z. bad childhood memory or memories
z. ipod
z. knack for chemistry
z. tendency to say the wrong thing
z. good childhood memory or memories
z. cell-phone
z. love for html
z. haunted house
z. fear of spiders
z. song you wrote
z. flute
z. messy room

Current Mood: sicksick

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January 24th, 2006

07:02 pm - Bored!!!
School was pretty retarted today. Kevin got mad at me for thinking I was "flirting" with his friend Cam. Even though I wasn't but whatever. He apologized. After school Kristine came over and we drove around and looked at houses in Mukilteo. Fucking rich bastards. I saw the biggest housese I have ever seen in my entire house overlooking the goddamn ocean. Fucking ahhh. I was so pissed. Then we saw Kamiak and it looked like a goddamn community college! And the middle school looked like a high school and the elementary school looked like a middle school!!! It was sick to look at. I hate those people.



Current Mood: angryangry

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January 23rd, 2006

07:28 pm - Ahhhh
So its been awhile since ive been on here... Dont have myspace anymore so I cant go on that. Eh. Things are alright I guess. School sucks (as usual) I have the family tree project due tomorrow, need to get started on that. Argumenative Paper is due wednesday.. Eh. Still havent even finished the outline. Me and Kevin got back together after breaking up like what? 4 times?? Sad huh. And I keep taking him back everytime. But this [i promise] is the last time. Then i'm done. I gave him one more chance. But im happy for now. Got to go buy a posterboard for the family tree...


Current Mood: okayokay

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December 12th, 2005

04:49 pm

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October 25th, 2005

05:02 pm
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August 23rd, 2005

12:08 pm - I havent updated in awhile
hey people!!
I havent been on here in awhile and I probably should so you can see how interesting my "exciting" life is! Ok, yesterday I did nothing until about 7 when I drove to the store and decided to make a short trip to see kevin!! I hung out there for about 15 mins and had to go home. Its so hard saying bye to someone you love and care about so much! Here I am right now at home with my sister... oOo how much fun! Im probably going to go take a shower here in about 5 mins. Just thought i'd update since I havent in awhile!! Oh yeah, September 2nd me and kevin will be going out for 5 months!! wow thats a record for me!!


Current Mood: contentcontent

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July 12th, 2005

06:55 pm - havent updated in awhile
Hey everyone
wow its been awhile since ive been on here!! Life is pretty good! Me and kevin have been going out for 3 months! No problems. Ive finally been able to see kristine!! yes!! I got a new computer! Its so damn fast! its a dell. woo hoo. My dad was like "dude your getting a dell" haha hes so hot! Im downloading AIM right now cuz this computer doesnt have it yet. Oh yeah, I got a new bed!! Shit. Its gonna take 1 hour to download AIM. God damnit!!! Whew. Im ok now. Ive been driving lately. Like everyday haha. I love it man!! So yeah, yesterday I turned in an application for wendys and there was this fat kid who was my age and I was like to him "is it easy to get a job here?" I mean c'mon this kid was NOT attractive. ::shivers:: I think the wendy ppl are desperate and they will hire anyone so I think I have a chance. But yeah. I'll be updating everyday I think....

Current Mood: flirtyflirty

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July 11th, 2005

02:36 pm
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